The NPSI Alumni has grown since it graduated its first batch in 2012. A yearly activity is held at the school for alumni to visit, renew ties and share their experiences with current students.

"If given a choice I would any day come back to NPSI and relive all the amazing memories I had. Undoubtedly the best times I have ever had!"

Pranav Kasinadhuni,
Batch of 2015
University of Sheffield, International Relations

"Best 4 years of my life and I would give anything for a chance to do it all over again"

Arun Krovvidi,
Batch of 2015
NIT Warangal, Mechanical Engineering

"The warmth and acceptance given to us by our teachers during our time at NPSi has allowed us to grow holistically as individuals and has given us long-lasting relationships and memories to cherish for life."

Nitya Kapur,
Batch of 2016
University of Dundee, Medicine

"The best thing about NPSi is the care that teachers show for the students, and the personal relationships we form that will last for the rest of our lives."

Vashita Nath,
Batch of 2016
National University of Singapore, Chemical Engineering

"I was one of the first students to join NPSI when it was established in Singapore back in 2008. I feel privileged and proud to see that the school has firmly positioned itself as one of the most elite institutions in Singapore. I don’t remember NPSI just as a place where I went to learn academics – but as a close-knit community, where we learnt how to work and grow together. It is definitely due to the foundation and spirit that NPSI instilled in me that I now study in one of the world’s best universities."

Radhika Swaminathan
NUS Business School
Majoring in Finance and Operations Management

"When I arrived at NPSI five years ago, I was reluctant to try anything new or challenge myself. The safe environment of NPSI allowed me to discover the things I'm passionate about via the myriad of opportunities available - from the Straits Times competition to volunteering at IMH. I want to thank all my wonderful teachers for answering my endless questions about the smallest things, and for their guidance which helped me achieve my goal of studying medicine. And of course, I’ll never forget the friends I made---from lunch table conversations to our trip to Phnom Penh! I’ll cherish the time I spent at NPSI for years to come."

Srishti Sarkar, Batch of 2015
University of Nottingham

"Moving to a new country and a new school seemed extremely intimidating to me till I became part of the NPSI family. Even though I spent only two years at NPSI, I made a lot of best friends and had the best moments of my life there. School was just a home away from home and I can never thank NPSI enough for all it has given me."

Dhruv Batra, Batch of 2015