Scholastic Programme

Curriculum offered in Grades IX and X

The IGCSE Programme

The IGSCE Curriculum from CIE, UK is offered in grades IX and X where the students study 8-9 IGCSE subjects. Students are encouraged to take extended syllabi. They also frequently opt for the challenging accelerated Mathematics Programme. The sciences are taught separately, so that the students may opt for two or three sciences in preparation for their IB or CBSE studies in grades XI and XII. Emphasis is placed upon giving students a broad foundation to keep choices open for their IB Diploma course selection and career choices.

The IGCSE Programme is used internationally in over 157 countries. The IGCSE is an objective measurement of achievement that is well understood by universities worldwide. Students who have come from different educational backgrounds can gain acceptance at universities, but students with a broad array of IGCSE passes, particularly at grade C or above, have a selective advantage at the best universities and colleges.

IGCSE graduates are seen as robust proof that students can perform well in their further education, and the fact that every subject is externally examined and any coursework moderated by well-trained professionals is a definitive proof of achievement. More information about the IGCSE may be obtained from the website

The CBSE Programme (Grades IX & X)

The Programme offered by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Government of India, in grades IX and X requires students to study Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and a language. It is the ideal foundation course for students who work to pursue the All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (AISSCE) in the XI and XII grades. Outside India, this Programme is on offer in 141 schools in 21 countries. More information may be obtained from the CBSE website -