Scholastic Programme

Curriculum offered in Grades XI and XII

The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) Programme

NPS International School offers both the IB and CBSE Programmes for grades XI and XII from 2010. The IB Diploma curriculum requires that students study six courses at higher level or standard level, thus ensuring breadth of learning in languages, social studies, the experimental sciences and mathematics. In addition, the Programme has three core requirements - Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) activities, which challenge students to apply their learning to develop broad skills and attitudes. Each student writes an Extended Essay of 4000 words in a subject of their choice, and an essay of 1,500 words in Theory of Knowledge (TOK). The IB Diploma has increasingly been regarded as the 'gold card' in university and college placement.

Increasing numbers of students gain acceptance at colleges like Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Ivy League colleges in the US every year. They owe their success not only to their IB diplomas but also to their preparation for the admission process. Students at NPS International School would receive inputs and counselling on tests and university choices worldwide.

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The CBSE Programme

Core Language : English


  1. Group 1: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science
  2. Group 2: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Students opting for the All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (AISSCE) in Grade XII choose subjects based on career options or plans for University courses in India, in Grade XI.

Students are required to choose one of the 2 groups together with English, which is a compulsory subject. The above subject choices in the Science groups (Groups 1 and 2) specifically correspond to course requirements as stipulated by all Indian universities for students who wish to pursue Engineering and Medical Programmes in India. Students completing the (AISSE) All India Secondary School Examinations have been very successful at university studies worldwide.