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Calendar of Events
  • 2

    UT4 - Gr VII-X, UT2 Gr VI
    Prelim1 XIG Starts (S)
    CBSE- XII - Board Practicals (SR)
    UT2 Starts (IB1)
    Prelim 1 Starts (IB2)

  • 3

    CBSE - XII - Board Practicals (SR)

  • 4 to

    CBSE - XII - Board Practicals (SR)

  • 6

    UT2 Ends (IB1)

  • 9

    College Counselling Deadline: Submit all Singapore & Australia apps (SR, IB2)

  • 10

    UT4/Prelim1 XIG Ends (S)
    College Counselling Deadline: FINAL postal deadline for all supporting documents for Singapore/ Australia (SR, IB2)

  • 11

    Prelim 1 Ends (IB2)

  • 13

    Annual Day (EY)

  • 14

    Careers Day (S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • 16

    CBSE XII -Study holidays (SR)
    Submission of CAS files (IB1)
    Language B Orals
    Completion of all Ias (IB2)

  • 17

    Holiday (EY)
    Science Exhibition (P)

  • 18

    Reunion Night

  • 19 to 20

    Chinese New Year

  • 23 to 26

    SRC (IB2)

  • 24

    UT4 Reports sent home (S)

  • 25

    UT2 Reports sent home (S)

  • 27

    International Mother Language Day (EY & P)
    What’s the Good Word? (Hindi) Gr II-V, Poetry Recitation (English / Hindi / French) Gr1 (P)
    PTC Gr VI-X (school closed) (S)
    CAS File Submission (IB1)
    SRC - Prelim 1 Reports sent home (IB2)

  • 1

    College Counselling
    Deadline: Inform School of all offers/decisions (SR, IB2)

  • 2

    SRC (Language B/Ab Intio - Final Recording) (IB2)

  • 3 to

    SRC (IB2)

Media Reports

The Tribune, July 10, 2008

NPS International is third Indian school to open in Singapore

From Imran Qureshi


SINGAPORE : A new international school - NPS (National Public School) International - has officially opened in Singapore.

While classes began less than 6 months ago, the school already has plans to expand.

NPS has 212 students from kindergarten to Grade 9. It will extend its curriculum to include early childhood programmes in the near future.

NPS is the third Indian school to set up in Singapore. The other two are Global Indian International and DPS International.

Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry S Iswaran said the move came at the right time, as the number of Indian companies here has been growing.

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