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Calendar of Events
  • 1

    PTC (EY)
    UT2 Report & Portfolio sent home (S)
    TOK essay topics released (IB2)

  • 2

    PTC-9am - 6pm - School Closed for Gr 7-10 (S)

  • 3

    PTC - 9am - 3pm (S)

  • 5

    Reading Week (EY)
    Reading Week, Spelling Bee Gr 1 & 2 Inter house, Book Drive (P)
    Teachers’ Day Celebrations (EY, P)

  • 6

    Short Story Writing Competition Gr 3 (P)
    Reading Week (EY, P)

  • 7

    Slam Gr 4 (P)
    Reading Week (EY, P)
    Teachers' Day Celebrations (S)

  • 8

    Debate Gr 5 (P)
    Reading Week (EY, P)

  • 9

    Reading Week (EY, P)
    Creative writing - Poetry writing Comp. (S)
    TOK Field Trip (IB1)
    CC - Gr 12 Approval deadline: US Submit teacher names for recommendations

  • 10

    Carnival (W)

  • 12

    Hari Raya Haji - Holiday (W)

  • 13

    UT 1 starts (IB1, IB2)

  • 14

    Language Day Second Language Essay writing Comp- 9:15 to 10:15 am (S, SR, IB1, IB2) CC Gr 12, Register with UCAS/Common App

  • 15

    SOF-IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad) (P, S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • 16

    CBSE Grade 11 & 12 PTC - 3:45 pm - 6:30 pm (SR)

  • 19

    SA1-Grades 7-10 begin (S)
    Gr 12CBSE - UT 3 and Gr 11 CBSE SA 1- Start (SR)
    CC - Gr 12 US Applicants to clear FERPA

  • 21

    UT 1 ends (IB1, IB2)

  • 23

    Orientation - In to the 9th-5:30 PM -Sec. Auditorium (S)
    Gr 12 CBSE - UT 3 - Ends (SR)

  • 26

    EE final draft to supervisor and 5th meeting (IB2)
    CC - Submit final college list in Naviance

  • 28

    SA1 Grades 7-10 End (S)
    Gr 11 CBSE SA 1- Ends (SR)
    CC - Gr 12 Approval deadline - All Early UCAS + US applicants

  • 29

    English L&L-HL- 2nd WT - Final draft English- Lit- WA- 2nd draft (IB2)

  • 30

    Sports Day (EY)
    SLC - 9 AM-2 PM - Grade 6 & 7-Classrooms (S)

  • 1

    SAT Exam (SR, IB1, IB2)

  • 3 /

    IHC - Interhouse Culturals (S)

  • 3

    CC - Gr 12 First draft of personal statement & essay submissions (UK)

  • 7

    Orientation - In to the 11th-5:30 PM
    Sec.Auditorium (SR, IB1)
    English Lit- WA- 3rd draft (IB2)

  • 8

    Science & Mathematics Exhibition (S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • 10

    English L&L-HL and SL- WT 1 completed (IB1)
    TOK Essay 1st draft (IB2)

  • 12

    Science Day (S)

  • 13

    Deepavali Night -5:30PM - 8PM - Sec Auditorium
    SOF-NCO (National Cyber Olympiad) (S, SR, IB1, IB2)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Admission process?
    The first step is the registration for admission by submitting the completed admission form and other documents (click here for admission form). Written tests, to determine the individual skills a student has acquired before joining NPS International School, will be followed by an interaction session among the Principal, the parents and the child. This will be scheduled after test papers are marked. Admission maybe granted based on the entrance test performance and the interaction. The admission is guaranteed only after fee remittance. There are no tests for Nursery (Pre-Kindergarten), Montessori and Kindergarten, but there is an interaction session. Admission is subject to vacancy.
  2. What does the admission test consist of?
    Grades I to V - Maths and English: English includes comprehension and free writing. Maths includes age appropriate questions for each grade. Grade VI and above - Maths, English and Logical reasoning papers: The questions would be age appropriate for each grade. The duration of the test would vary from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the Grade. Grade IX candidates will be tested on English, Maths and Sciences. Grade XI and IB candidates will be tested on relevant subjects.
  3. What is the academic calendar?
    The academic calendar is from April to March. Sem I - April to September, and Sem II - Oct to March. Academic Calendar for IB grades is July to June.
  4. Are midterm admissions offered?
    Admissions during a term are offered keeping in mind the movements of expatriates and would depend on the vacancy in the relevant grade at the time of admission.
  5. What is the curriculum for Grades I - VIII?
    An integrated global curriculum is offered from Grades I - VIII and is based on the requirements of both Indian and International education systems. Students from Grade I to Grade VIII acquire skill sets and knowledge that prepare them for entry into either the International IGCSE (International Cambridge Certification) or the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) of Grade X CBSE. The curriculum encompasses core subjects, i.e. English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Languages in addition to subjects like Computer Science, Art and Design, Music (Western and Indian), Dance, Drama and Physical Education.
  6. What are the curricula offered?
    - IGCSE (Cambridge UK) – Grades IX and X - IB Diploma (IBO, Switzerland) – Grades XI and XII - CBSE/CBSE–International – Grades IX to XII
  7. How many students are there in a class?
    Each class would have an average of 25 students.
  8. What is the age criterion for admission?
    The preferred age by 30th June for the following levels are: Montessori M1 or Nursery - 3 years Montessori M2 or Kindergarten I - 4 years Montessori M3 or Kindergarten II - 5 years Grades I - VI (same basis for subsequent grades)
  9. What are the fees and when are they payable?
    Please see the fee structure table. Fees are payable on 3 four-month term basis. The fees are due on 24th March, 24th July and 23rd November. The transport fee is also payable at the same time as the term fees directly to the transport company. On the Application Fee, a one-time non-refundable Application Fee (two months' tuition fee + GST) is payable at the time of admission of each child.
  10. What is sibling concession?
    A sibling concession of S$150 per month/per sibling is applicable whenever more than one sibling is studying at the same time.
  11. Is a deposit required?
  12. How are the fees to be paid?
    By GIRO.
  13. What text books are followed?
    International and CBSE textbooks for some subjects and special course materials developed in-house for others are followed. A curriculum document for every subject is presented to the students/parents at the beginning of the year. Specially prepared study materials and worksheets are provided to the students for concept attainment, concept reinforcement and enrichment.
  14. What are the school timings?
    9:00 am to 1:00 pm for Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery; and 9:00 am to 3:30 pm for the rest of the school. Lunch break lasts for half an hour. In addition, there would be a short morning recess.
  15. What are the timings for ECA/CCA activities?
    Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are included in the daily time table. The Extra Curricular Activities would be conducted after school hours. The ECA activities entail additional payment.
  16. What are the outbound programmes offered ?
    Starting from Grade II, students travel within and outside Singapore for up to seven days in a year and are involved in programmes covering service, adventure, cultural awareness, sporting and team building activities. Students of each grade travel to a different destination with a different palette of activities. These trips are covered by additional payments to be made depending upon the trip.
  17. Do you offer childcare or after-school care?
  18. Do you offer assistance for transfers to Bangalore/Chennai if children move back to India?
    The option for reciprocal admission is available at NPS, NAFL and TISB schools, subject to vacancy. That is, if the student moves to India after a minimum of five years at NPSI. The student would be expected to perform well in the entrance test conducted in India.
  19. What second languages are offered?
    French, Hindi, Spanish are offered now. Other languages like Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, etc., would be offered if the number of students makes it viable.
  20. When can we visit the campus?
    Campus visits can be arranged by prior appointment with the school. every Tuesday and Thursday (except Public Holidays).
  21. Is the campus air-conditioned?
    All classrooms, libraries, dance/art/music and performing arts studios, the main Auditorium and Computer Labs are air-conditioned.
  22. What is the structure of the school?
    NPS International School goes beyond mere franchising. The academic activities are steered by the Head of School under the direct guidance of the Dean and the Chairman.
  23. What are the vacation schedules?
    Mid-June to mid-July is the summer break. There is also a 3-week winter vacation in December - January. There is a midterm break in September/October for a week as well as a short break in April before the new academic year starts.
  24. Are there any school bus transport facilities?
    The School has arranged with Bedok Transport Pte Ltd for transport of students to and from school. For new students joining our school, the bus services will be offered within two to three weeks of the start of school. Payment for transport should be made directly to the contractor at rates communicated by the transport contractor.
  25. What is the Teacher-Student ratio?
    The average teacher-student ratio for every class is 1:25. For the whole school, the ratio of teachers to students is 1:13.

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