We are witnessing an onslaught of changing trends in society, values, family life and of course in education. The struggle to achieve qualitative progress by scientists, technologists and psychologists is thus inevitable. The challenge before us today is to mould students into caring and creative human beings. While recognizing that each person is unique, we need to design a system of education which is holistic, complete and gives sufficient scope for thinking, creativity and originality.

NPS International School aims to deliver an international educational programme beyond the limits of a standard academic curriculum. It offers a wholesome and sound education in a state-of-the-art-setting. The School is second to none in the exciting possibilities it offers with modern facilities on campus and a faculty rich in talent and experience in grooming young lives.

Our expectations are high, not only from our students but from our staff as well. Each one must recognise the value of a caring and motivational atmosphere and be aware of the need to work in partnership with parents for the future success of the students as they prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

In fact, all-round education offered in the classroom, the playgrounds and the campus in many ways encapsulates a training that has all the richness and flavour of global educational system and modern education. Even the IB and IGCSE curricula have scope to expand into values that will build a true citizen of the modern world.

I welcome parents to join us in our journey towards excellence. I feel great joy and pride in the accomplishment of our students and faculty. The alumni of our institutions bear testimony to the fact that each and every teacher has played her role to the fullest. In the background of a blitzkrieg of media attention on seemingly irrelevant matters, quality shines through in every sphere of our school life and that is our true achievement.

Every student comes to NPS International School with goals, dreams and expectations of what their future life may hold. We aim to develop in students the confidence to explore a range of new interests, the opportunity to unleash creative expression and personal talents, to use their initiative to hone their leadership skills.

The synergy of all the NPS International Schools, National Public Schools, National Academy For Learning (NAFL) and The International School Bangalore (TISB) has led to the creation of a sound, broad-based holistic educational programme that builds, grows, and stretches students of all abilities in academic and co curricular areas. NPS International School is modelled on a combination of tried and tested best practice from successful associate schools. The school aims to uphold the highest standards of quality, has a firm tradition for providing students with a strong foundation and serves as springboard launching students into the finest universities in India and abroad.

This website is designed to give multifarious snapshots of engaging activity and what life here is likely to be.

Through a combination of dedication and understanding, commitment and support, we encourage our students and faculty to aim high and achieve their goals in keeping with the NPS motto---"Reach high, Reach out, Reach beyond.”

Singapore is a unique city in many ways---economically, socially and culturally. Over the years, the country has become a country of choice for many foreign nationals to seek employment and eventually to making it their long term home. This pattern of population growth has brought in a melting pot of people with diverse backgrounds and life needs.

Putting education on top of this transformation agenda, the government has gone a step further to convert this challenge into an opportunity by encouraging outstanding institutions to be set up and nurtured. The introduction of the ‘Edutrust’ quality systems a few years ago sit well with the high quality aspirations in everything that the country does or offers.

These government initiatives and the objectives of NPS International School are well aligned---we are an International institution, with a strong brand and track record, offering holistic educational excellence catering to the expatriate population and taking significant steps to be among the best. NPS International School is now perceived as an institution of choice for many parents. Our Edutrust (4-year award) by the Committee for Private Education, our sterling board exam results and successive batches of student placements in top universities are the manifestation of the excellence we pursue.

NPS International School benefits from the rich 58-year history of the National Public Schools Group, founded by the visionary, progressive educationist Dr K P Gopalkrishna, one of the most distinctive thinkers in education today. Thousands of successful and loyal alumni around the world are strong testament to the lifelong benefits of an NPS education. NPS alumni are people who are intelligent and able, ethically grounded and respectful of others. They are often leaders in their chosen fields of endeavour and they understand the value of their NPS education.

The NPS Schools are run by highly professional and committed educators who have dedicated their lives to children. That is why NPSI has had such a phenomenal growth in its first decade of existence: this school has the passion to achieve excellence and the maturity of systems and faculty to reach its goals.

At NPSI there is a sense of community and identity, where the school is central to every student’s experiences and dreams and is a source of pride and pleasure for students, parents and teachers alike. Our school is a place where we are eager to go every day, a place full of variety, interesting challenges and positive spirit, and a place where teachers have developed nurturing and lasting relationships with students and parents.

Values-based education lies at the heart of NPSI. To churn out good results but bad people is not education. Children need consistent and helpful guidance from their parents and teachers at every juncture, especially in today's technology-driven world where there are so many distractions. It is the duty of parents and teachers, working as a mutually-supportive and philosophically-united team, to instill values along with knowledge and skills in our children, so that they emerge from NPSI not only intellectually equipped, but also ethically equipped to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The best possible outcomes for children occur when parents are actively involved in their child’s personal growth and when they wholeheartedly support their child’s and the teachers’ efforts.

Our children will have multiple careers as life expectancy lengthens. That means that, as parents and teachers, working together, we need to provide young people with many skills, keeping their minds open to the arts and the sciences, languages, social sciences, history, literature, music, drama, physical education, maths, you name it, and we need to foster in our children an understanding that a well-educated person sees no barriers between subject areas or between people and is by definition a multidimensional multi-tasker and a versatile all-rounder.

We aim to offer an education which encourages creative, analytical and evaluative thinking of the highest order. It is not good enough simply to know things. One needs to know why those things are the way they are, how they were created, what their purpose is, and how we can creatively extend the idea behind them to create something better for the future. Creative thinking lies at the heart of all positive developments in life and is an integral aspect of NPSI’s school culture.

Believe in yourself and good things will happen to you! That is one of the mantras that parents and teachers should use with young people. Students should speak, question, debate, think aloud, experiment and challenge intelligently the “received wisdom.” The world is changing quickly. Education is about the next step. It is all about the future. Children need to have ideas of their own and the confidence to express them. We as adults should always listen to and learn from the ideas of the young.

NPSI students should aim high and impose no limits on their ambitions, but they should also do the honest hard work that is required to reach their destination. They should remain positive in adversity, humble in success and always do good for others whenever they can. One’s character is a major contributor to one’s destiny and teachers and parents have a huge responsibility to shape children’s characters in such a way that they possess the values and spirit that will earn them respect and admiration in adulthood.

In a school the quality of relationships determines the quality of outcome. Life is not only about success; it is also about happiness. Results are important but they are only part of the project of learning and living. NPSI students have access to stimulating and stretching activities that challenge them to exercise previously untapped regions of their brains and emotions. Students need to understand not only the world around them but also to respect all cultures, religions and customs and open their minds and hearts to those less fortunate than themselves or different from themselves.

The truly educated person is tolerant, thoughtful, reflective, balanced in approach and an intellectual risk-taker. That is what we want our students at NPSI to be!

Dr Matthew Sullivan (D.Phil., Oxford)
Head of School