Selection Of Students

A. Verification on suitability of course and admission requirements

The School aims to resolve all disputes, whether financial or otherwise, involving the School and the students in a just and amicable manner. Due consideration would be given to all the facts before any solutions are recommended.

  1. Age Appropriateness
    • If the applicant is not age appropriate, the Admissions Officer/Head of Admissions shall inform the parents accordingly.
    • The age policy requires the student to have attained 3 years by 30th June for entry into Pre-Kindergarten, and so on for subsequent grades.
  2. Entrance Test/Interaction
    • Admission tests shall be conducted for admission into K2/M3 (Jan-Mar Only) and Grade 1 upwards. No admission tests are required for admission into Pre-K, K1, K2 (Apr-Dec) and Montessori M1, M2, M3 (Apr-Dec).
      Subjects tested
      English and Mathematics
      English, Mathematics and Logical reasoning
      English, Mathematics, Science and Logical reasoning
      English, Mathematics, Science and Logical reasoning
    • The Entrance test papers and answer keys approved by the Academic staff shall be used. Calculators shall not be permitted. The Entrance test papers shall not follow a prescribed syllabus; they shall be diagnostic in nature.
    • The test is supervised by members of the Admissions Team.
    • Normally tests shall be conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    • The entrance test papers shall be marked by the Admissions Team referencing with the answer keys.
    • The applicants who clear the entrance test shall be called for an interaction with Head of School/Resident Director.
    • Applicants who do not obtain minimum qualifying marks may be called for interaction subject to approval by Head of School/Resident Director.
    • Based on the applicant’s performance in the entrance test, interaction and previous school records, the Head of School/Resident Director may approve the admission.
  3. Prospective IB Students
    In addition to the usual student selection process done by the Admissions Team, prospective students to the IB programme are informed of the following during the admissions interview with the Head of School:
    • Course philosophy
    • Structure of the course
    • Demands & expectations of the course

B. Student Admissions


  1. The Admissions Officer/Head of Admissions shall give the offer letter and seek opinion of the parent if they would want to sign the contract in person or consider it emailed.
  2. Emailing contract options shall include: • copy of the student contract • syllabus • assessment schedule • privacy policy and • application fee invoice
  3. Parents who wish to come in person, appointment for signing the contract and payment of application fee shall be given within 2 weeks or prior depending on the joining date.
  4. Parents shall also be required to sign for the following documents as part of the admissions process:
    • Cyber Safety & Conduct Policy
    • Consent for Usage of Photos and Videos of the child
    • Transport waiver & indemnity
    • Medical Declaration
  5. The first term invoice of the new student joining shall be given with a due date of 7 days from the date of signing contract.

Student Pass Holders

  1. The student pass application shall be done once the application fee is paid. The documents shall be verified by the applying officer and student pass application shall be done.
  2. Student pass application process shall follow the attached flowchart.
  3. Once the IPA is obtained, parent shall be informed and asked to collect the physical pass from ICA. The copy of the pass shall be taken from parent and filed along with the application.
  4. Only once IPA is obtained shall a student be able to start school.
  5. For student pass applications not supported by ICA, the entire term fee (if paid), including school application fee in full shall be refunded.

Singaporean Students

  1. Prospective students who are Singapore citizens prior to signing of student contract shall need to obtain approval from MOE through the school.
  2. Only after the MOE approval shall the enrollment process of student contract signing and fee (application and term) collection be done.
  3. Existing students who became Singaporean citizens after enrolling in the school shall have automatic approval from MOE.