Our Vision

The School Motto:



  • We strive to provide education with a child centred approach, set in a caring environment
  • Working closely with parents, we ensure that all students are encouraged to set goals and strive hard to achieve them by believing in their own abilities. Beyond developing students' interest and ability in the academic sphere, students are guided to understand the importance of engaging in humanitarian and environmental causes.
  • We encourage students to be active, compassionate and lifelong learners who embrace their own culture whilst appreciating others.
  • We aspire to provide personal, social, spiritual, emotional and educational growth in a cross cultural context, blending Asian values with Western professional work culture.
  • We are committed to a modern pedagogy and we foster in our students life skills, skills of leadership and entrepreneurship, to take on challenges presented by a competitive, ever changing globalised environment.

Our Guiding Principles and Core Values

The values that the School upholds and aims to inculcate in the students as well as the school culture are all embodied in the Guiding Principles.

  • NPS International School provides excellent infrastructure, sound organizational support and ample opportunity for students to develop their potential to the full.
  • NPS International School offers a modern, holistic and integrated system of education, which moulds its students to effectively take on challenges in a dynamic global society.
  • Our curriculum and instructional methods keep pace with advances in the scientific and technological world as well as with the dynamic societal demands.
  • We foster academic excellence through a combination of comprehensive curriculum, rigorous standards and challenging assessments.
  • NPS International School inspires students to update their knowledge in various fields and latest developments around the world.
  • NPS International School emphasises development of thinking skills - creative, critical and independent.
  • NPS International School emphasises cultural understanding and responsible citizenship/ residency to it's student body, so that students become compassionate and informed citizens/ residents.
  • NPS International School believes that a partnership between family and school is the foundation for a student's success and progress.
  • The students who leave the portals of this institution will have a strong sense of integrity and commitment to their work.
  • The motto of the school is reflected in every action of our students.