Middle School

The NPSI Middle School in Singapore is a programme encompasses grades 6, 7 and 8, and is carefully designed to be a strong foundational programme. The proprietary curriculum, designed in-house by our education and curriculum experts, is a pre-CBSE and pre-IGCSE programme. This allows the students to transition out of the primary years gently, while slowly gearing them for more rigorous learning that awaits them in High School and further tertiary education.

The academic programme promotes a breadth of study and helps the student to develop an interest in learning. We also work on cultivating healthy study skills and diligence that will be invaluable to the students for the rest of their lives. We organise innumerable enrichment activities, with international trips, exchange programmes, learning journeys, excursions, and alternative learning methodologies applied in classrooms. The students are given care and support through our pastoral system, and are shaped into responsible people.

Our Programmes