Community Service

Community Service

At NPS every student is encouraged to take part in community service. Students become advocated of certain cause or a concern and work on creating awareness on social or environmental issues. We guide our students to become well-informed and responsible individuals as they to reflect on their own experiences, attitudes and actions and become the agents of positive, sustainable change in the society.

Every student from Primary to Secondary is encouraged to take part in community service. For Primary and Middle school, community service is a teacher-guided programme, conducted at least once a term. In the senior school, students are required to identify projects based on their interest and work on it under supervision of a staff member. They are expected to dedicate a few hours every week.

This journey of self-discovery helps students to understand the community in which they live, identify the needs and be an active contributing member of the community. In the process, they learn to take up new challenges, to persevere & develop interpersonal skills. They also reflect and identify their own strengths and areas for improvement. All these experiences develop in the students, the competencies to make ethical decisions and choices and manage conflicts.

What do we want our students to learn from community service?

  • Students get the opportunity to see the application of academic learning, social and personal skills to real-life situations
  • Helps to bring real benefits to themselves and/or others
  • Makes them understand their own capacity to make a difference
  • Allows them to make decisions that have real, not hypothetical, results
  • Develop skills to solve problems
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions.