Dance, a way of life for many, plays a large and significant role in the fabric of NPSI's arts programs. With dance teams excelling in various dance styles, like classical, hip-hop, fusion, and more, our students are participants of events all across the island.

Dance is part of the curriculum for students from Grades 1 to 5. The classes are designed to introduce students to a variety of dance forms and learn about the backgrounds of these dance forms. The students will have classes in varying difficulties in dance forms such as Latino Dance, Hip Hop, Western Traditional, Asian, Fitness Dance (Zumba), etc. They will also learn the basic principles of dance choreography and will learn to contextualise dance in history by how it relates to the time and place of origin. They will also build critical thinking skills by planning and understanding dance choreography.

Our dance teams are trained for competitions and various inter and intra school events. NPSI has also participated in international dance competitions and have won numerous awards and positions.

To cater to the constant growth and increasing interest in dance, we organise workshops and special training classes conducted by professional dancers and world-renowned performers. Senior students also get opportunities to lead dance teams in various events, thus developing their leadership skills and confidence.

NPS is also proud to announce the launch of a brand new, multipurpose Dance/Drama studio, to further encourage and strengthen our arts program.