From the Directors' Desks

  • Dr. K P Gopalkrishna

    We are witnessing an onslaught of changing trends in society, values, family life and of course in education. The challenge before us today is to mould students into caring and creative human beings. A system of education which is holistic, complete and gives sufficient scope for thinking, creativity and originality is absolutely necessary.

    NPS International School delivers an international programme that is second to none offering exciting possibilities in a regularly upgraded campus, a faculty rich in talent and experience in grooming young lives and systems honed over six decades by the Group of schools.

    Our expectations are high, not only from our students but from our staff as well. All-round education offered by the school in the classroom, the playgrounds and the campus in many ways encapsulates a training that has all the richness and flavour of a global educational approach.

    I feel great joy and pride in the accomplishments of our students and faculty over the past decade. The alumni of our school bear testimony to the fact that each and every teacher has played her role to the fullest. Despite the blitzkrieg of media attention on seemingly irrelevant matters, quality shines through in every sphere of our school life and that is our true achievement.