Fee Structure (For new students 2021 - 2022)

Check out the fee structures of NPS International School here.

NPS International School is an international school established to cater to the burgeoning international demand for high quality education in the context of a rapidly globalising educational scenario.

We, at NPS cater to the all-round development of our students. Besides striving for academic excellence, we aim to provide holistic education for your child. This integrated approach emphasises individualised attention, which enables our students to discover and develop their multiple capabilities.

Tuition Fees
Entry Age
S$ / month
Nursery 3 years S$1100
Kindergarten Regular 4 years S$1250
Kindergarten Extended Day 4 years S$1500
Montessori 3 years S$1300
Montessori Extended Day 3 years S$1550
Primary - Grades 1-5 6 years old for Grade 1 and automatically adjusted for subsequent Grades S$1865
Middle School - Grades 6-8   S$1925
CBSE Grades 9-10   S$2000
IGCSE Grades 9-10   S$2150
CBSE Grades 11-12   S$2025
IB Diploma   S$2200
Other Fees
Application Fee S$ 3730 for Early years and 2 months tuition fee for Grades 1 and above (One time)
Facility Fee (Per student) - Early Years S$840 (Annual Fee)
Facility Fee (Per student) - Primary S$1200 (Annual Fee)
Facility Fee (Per student) - Secondary S$1440 (Annual Fee)
Cost - Field Trips, Annual Day, Etc S$50 - S$100 (per term)
Materials for IB Diploma (Monthly, Per Student) S$200 (12 months payable)
FPS Premium including admin fee Included
Student Medical Insurance Premium including administrative charges (For Mandatory cases and for others who opt Included
Sibling concession S$150
Refundable Deposit Nil
Books Included
Bus Transport Extra
Uniforms Extra
All fees are payable per Term basis before the beginning of the Term
Billing Schedule For Whole School For IB Students -
Grade 11 & 12
Term 1 Fees payable by 23rd March Fees payable by 23rd June
Term 2 Fees payable by 23rd July Fees payable by 23rd October
Term 3 Fees payable by 23rd November Fees payable by 23rd February
Estimated Examination Fees
IB S$1100
10 CBSE S$170
12 CBSE S$80

All fees are subject to GST. Fees are subject to change without notice.

All fees payable via GIRO.

Activities involving specialist outside coaches / trainers or usage of outside facilities may be subject to additional activity fees and will be notified.

Application fee will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Click on this link - Lonpac Insurance Bhd - to see the Fee Protection Scheme.