High School: IX & X

Learning Support

  1. If a student obtains 50% or D or below in three or more subjects in two consecutive tests or exams in the middle school, he/she shall be identified as requiring Learning Support.
  2. Learning Support team shall administer a Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT) to identify the possible causes for underperformance and put interventions in place.
  3. Learning Support in High School shall be in the form of extra lessons, for which parental consent shall be obtained.
  4. If, in the opinion of the teachers and the Learning Support Counsellor the problem is more severe, the parents may be counseled into taking the student for an external assessment to identify the specific problem and to recommend to the school remedial measures and accommodations that could be made
  5. Depending on the recommendations of the external assessment, one or more of the following accommodations may be made for students with learning needs during exams:
    • Having a scribe to write the exams
    • Extra time allocated to complete the exam
    • Taking the examination in a separate venue, with fewer students to address any anxiety issues, etc.
    • Using a laptop to answer the questions instead of pen and paper
    • Using calculators in examinations
    • Special measures for the hearing/visually impaired.