IB Diploma Programme Graduates
High School: XI & XII

University Counselling

Choosing a university and course that will lead to a fulfilling future career is a crucial step, and we at NPSI dedicate extensive time, energy, and resources to ensure that every child makes the right decision for themselves. Our comprehensive University Counselling program has been designed in a way to give every student the opportunity to explore their options and choose a university and career path that is tailor-made for their subject interests and academic capabilities.

Our counsellors begin working with the students in Grade 11, conducting one-on-one meetings, as well as a meeting with both student and parents to truly understand the academic and career goals of the child. The students are given guidance during the process of application, with tips for writing entrance essays, acing interviews, and building portfolios. Representatives of various internationally reputed Universities also conduct seminars at NPSI, detailing the strengths and benefits of that college.

Students are also given chances to interact with alumni from a myriad of universities all over the world to understand the culture and expectations present at each college. They are also given the opportunity to talk to professionals from various careers to envisage their own futures, and to learn about the pathways and requirements of each career field.

Our strong and dedicated counselling team members are professionally trained in university counselling and provide the best possible support for our students. With their guidance and assistance, NPSI students have studied in some of the best universities in the world.

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