News & Updates : 2021-2022

One of the top international schools in Singapore, NPS International School is an active and dynamic school environment! Get a glimpse of what’s happening in our campus. Stay updated with our school recognitions, learners’ achievements, and other important announcements through our posted blog articles on this page.

June 2022

Graduation 2022

Congratulations to all graduates on your well-deserved success! Wishing you the best in your next journey in life!

Brave Sword Singapore Badminton Series 2022
Brave Sword Singapore Badminton Series 2022

Rithika Somasundarum from Grade 6 is ranked No. 1 in both Singles & Doubles U13 girls in the “Brave Sword Singapore Badminton Series 2022”. She has competed in 5 elimination rounds in singles and 3 elimination rounds in doubles games before winning the championship! Congratulations to Rithika for her outstanding achievements!

Primary School Sports Day

The Primary School Students had a whale of a time at the school’s Sports Day! After two years of restrictions, the students felt excited and enthusiastic about the most active event of the year. As always, the students showed great teamwork, confidence, character, and perseverance -skills which are all highly valued in sports and in life! Congrats to all participants and to the team of teachers who conducted the lively event.

Pasir Ris Beach Clean-up

Students from Grades 3, 4 and 5 have participated in the Pasir Ris Beach Clean-up activity and unfurled the Earth Day Banner at the Bird Watching Tower. This meaningful activity inspires them to be mindful of keeping the beach and environment clean, free from litter and pollution! An important life lesson learnt for today and tomorrow.

May 2022

Champions for History Bee & Bowl Asia Oceania Spring League
Champions for History Bee & Bowl Asia Oceania Spring League

Congratulations to the High School Grade 10 IGCSE students who have won the championships and runners-up for the History Bee & Bowl Asia Oceania Spring League! The students have competed with 9 Internationals schools around the world. NPSI Team A has achieved excellent results in the final round and emerged as the overall Champions!

Team A (Champions) First

  • Dhruv Mathur
  • Ishaan Raghav
  • Om Krishna
  • Yajush Jayakrishnan

Team B (Runners Up)

  • Anwesha Putantunda
  • Arnav Sherpuri
  • Ivannah Jacob
  • Rishima Cheepala
Save the Earth. Arts & Creativity

The Primary Years students get to use art as an expression of their thoughts and emotions on how to save the earth.

April 2022

Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day, an annual event where the whole of Early Years and Primary Years get to demonstrate their support for environmental protection. The students put in their best efforts and creative skills dressing up as Astronauts, Mermaids, Prince, Princesses, Kings, Queens, Robots, Kimonos, Rockets for the "Save the Earth" contest!

NPSI has integrated Maths and numbers counting in the activities too. Dr. Marji Puotinen, a Climate Researcher from Australia has also shared with our students the importance of climate change to make the world a better place! It was a meaningful event for students to learn in an innovative way!

Maths Olympiad Challenge

Congratulations to Advaith Bharadwaj for winning the Outstanding Performance Award at the International Maths Olympiad Challenge! He has competed with 2.5 million students between Grades 1 to 10, 3,638 schools across 34 countries!

Papago Badminton Tournament

Congratulations to Rithika Somasundaram from Grade V for winning Gold Medals at Papago Badminton Tournament for Singles & Doubles Girls under 13! She has competed with 54 students across 30 local schools, international schools, and badminton clubs. The exciting tournament was held at the Singapore Sports School.

March 2022

Students In-conversation

NPSI: "Students In-conversation", sharing their memorable journey at NPSI and their thoughts on the upcoming #CampusPlan22


We had fun-learning activities for Early Years students where they think out of the box and utilise their fresh creative-thinking skills to make their own astronaut spacesuit using containers, aluminium foils, and recycled materials!

Infinity Week

It’s the infinity week! Students were challenged to bake gingerbread man cookies and kaleidoscope! They were also encouraged to create a 5-min story concept and present it together with the puppet they’ve made using recycled materials. The students have bravely accepted these challenges and successfully completed them! It was a wonderful experience for them!

Avika wins 2nd Place in the Penang Online Chess Battle

Congratulations on winning the 2nd place in the Penang Online Chess Battle! She has competed with 81 participants all over the world - Under 8 Girls category. She continues to excel!

ActiveSG Tournament

Our U-19 boys Basketball team participated in the ActiveSG tournament this month and competed with approximately 2000 players island-wide, aged between 15 to 19. Our team, (Pratyush Gupta, Deveish Sivakumar, Shaurya Agarwalla, Aryan Midha and Tarun Shankar) qualified for the East Zone finals after 3 weeks of round robin matches which lasted from 19th Feb to 5th March. We are delighted to announce that our boys finished second in the zonal finals, held on 12th March. Our team will now enter the super league where the top two teams from each zone will battle it out to determine the best 3v3 Basketball U-19 team in Singapore. Our boys' team will play the super league this Saturday (19th March) and hope to qualify for the final 4 matches.

Global Word Mania Challenge
Global Word Mania Challenge

The Global Word Mania Challenge is organised by Literacy Planet annually. The challenge sees students across the world undertake 3-minute online spelling ‘missions’ to collect points based on word creation and spelling accuracy. An online interactive scoreboard allows participants to see their progress as well their schools global leader board position. On the 21st March, the top team will play in their regional event with top teams, from this event moving forward to the World Finals in April 2022.

NPSI, Singapore has 218 students who have chosen to participate in this event. Check out the latest updates on our world ranking and top daily spellers.

February 2022

U19 Cricket World Cup
U19 Cricket World Cup

Congratulations to the cricketers! The students of NPSI continue to excel in sports - Aditya Kalra, Naman Satija, Abhyuday Chhajer, Arjun Nagpal, Suchir Gupta and Aryaveer Chaudhary were selected to be trained for the upcoming International Cricket Council (ICC) U19 Cricket World Cup - Asia Division – II Qualifiers to be held in Oman during September 2022.

We are thankful for their efforts, positivity and dedication to the school. Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Singapore Tennis Rankings
Chinese New Year Staff Appreciation

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, our teachers and staff are happy to spread joy, happiness and gifting hampers to all the cleaning and security support staff for their hard work in keeping the campus clean and safe!

We are thankful for their efforts, positivity and dedication to the school. Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Singapore Tennis Rankings
Singapore Tennis Rankings

Congratulations to Akshata Srikanth who is now ranked No. 1 and Aanya Soni ranked No. 2 in the Singapore Tennis Association's U-12 doubles rankings!

January 2022

Language and Social Science Exhibition

Congratulation to all winners for the Language & Social Science exhibition! This activity has helped the students to increase their critical thinking skills!

Names of participants Grade and Section Position Name of the Exhibition Teacher-in-charge
IB 1
Poorvi Gupta IB Year 1E First Cognitive Development (voiceover PPT) Ms Anisha Rao
Abhinav Sarathy IB Year 1E
Soumya Anshu IB Year 1A
Nandini Kataria IB Year 1B Second Synesthesia
Bhuvan Venkatesh Kishor Kumar
IB Year 1E
Nikita Gurunathan IB Year 1A
Sangeetha Janaswamy IB Year 1A
Arjun Nagpal IB Year 1B Third Stigma around mental health (voiceover PPT)
Ananya Parambath IB Year 1C
Tanisha Unnikrishnan IB Year 1A
Vansh Sansanwal IB Year 1A
Names of participants Grade and Section Position Name of the Exhibition Teacher-in-charge
Rishit Bhatia 9 IGCSE C First Impact of Covid and government restrictions on food sellers Mr. Benjamin Thong
Rishi Ramesh 9 IGCSE C
Eshaan Podder 9 IGCSE C
Raghav Singh 9 IGCSE A Second Evolution of Money Ms. Shiba Misra
Aditya Bahatia 9 IGCSE A
Pratham Somani 9 IGCSE A
Kevin Madhan 9 IGCSE A
Avi Venkat 9 IGCSE A
Mahika Khandelwal 10 IGCSE B First Block chain Ms. Mohima Niverthi
Aarushi Trivedi 10 IGCSE A
Kashish Arora 10 IGCSE B
Amal Chopra 10 IGCSE A
Kabir Someshwar 10 IGCSE B Second Water Conservation Ms. Shiba Misra
Ansh Sharda 10 IGCSE B
Abhuday Chhajer 10 IGCSE B
Aryaveer Amitkumar Chaudhary
Saketh Kutagulla
IB 1
Revant Biswas IB Year 1A First Public Transport in Sg Ms. Shiba Misra
Saurabh Bandopadhaya
IB Year 1A
Rahul V Seetharam IB Year 1A
Bhargav Ramesh IB Year 1A
Tanvee Katdare IB Year 1B Second How has Singapore reduced the usage of cigarettes? Ms. Shiba Misra
Anushka V Palaputra IB Year 1C
Madhav Sivakumar
IB Year 1A
Arohan Sinha IB Year 1C
Names of participants Grade and Section Position Name of the Exhibition Teacher-in-charge
Arshad Shiju
9 IGCSE C First History of development of Marina Bay area since 1819 Ms. Rajalaxmi Nayak
Tarleen Kaur Chhatwal 9 IGCSE
Navya Gupta 9 IGCSE C
Anoushka Biswas 9 IGCSE E
Jayanth Janga 10 IGCSE D First Tumbling Blocks... Rebuilt! Ms. Rajalaxmi Nayak
Aniruddh Vinod Pisharody 10 IGCSE A
Ruta Jayadeep Apte 10 IGCSE A
Anushka Yadav 10 IGCSE C
Anna Nithin Samuel
IB 1
Ishita Thakwani IB Year 1E First Finteck Ms. Mohima Niverthi
Siddhanth Devlekar IB Year 1E
Nandini IB Year 1E
Maheshi Parwani IB Year 1E
Akash Bharadwaj
National Track & Field Championship 2022

Congratulations to Akash Bharadwaj from IB Year 2 who has won the 3rd place in the National Track & Field Championship 2022 in the 400m Men’s category. This event was organised by the Singapore Athletics Association.

Singapore National athletes like Shanti Perera (Olympian) and Chin hui were amongst the other Singapore athletes who participated in this event.

Being the youngest athlete to qualify for the finals, it was overwhelming and exciting for him. He has gained a lot of learnings from this event and he is working towards to becoming a better athlete!

Pongal festival event at Clive Street

On the 14th January, Malavika Ramesh & Nanadana Rajesh from NPS International School, took part in a painting camp as part of a Pongal festival event at Clive Street, Little India, Singapore organized by LISHA. The public was able to witness the students doing their artworks representing the Pongal Festival giving students the experience of interacting with the public while painting. This was a different and very valuable learning experience for the students as they could curate their art depiction of what Pongal means to them. It proved to be an interesting and popular event for the public making it the headlines on the MediaCorp Seithi Tamil News.

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Art Gallery @ the rooftop terrace pavilion of Tekka Place

On 15 and 16 January, Our honorable Deputy High Commissioner of India High Commission, Singapore, Mr. Siddhartha Nath visited our students Art Gallery @ the rooftop terrace pavilion of Tekka Place. All artworks in the showcase were created by our talented students.

ASEAN Rapid Chess Tournament
Virtual Penang Chess Competition

Congratulations to Atiksh Agarwal for winning the 3rd place in the Virtual Penang Chess Competition. He has competed with students from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and we are very happy with his achievement!

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ASEAN Rapid Chess Tournament
ASEAN Rapid Chess Tournament

Congratulations to Vedant Nayudu from Grade 5! Competing with 38 students in Singapore, he has won the 3rd place in the ASEAN Rapid Chess Tournament, "under 10" group category! The tournament was held on 26 December 2021, organized by ASEAN Chess Academy and in co-operation with the Singapore Chess Federation.

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December 2021

Science Olympiad Foundation Exams
Science Olympiad Foundation Exams

We would like to congratulate Manveer Dodani from Grade 5 for achieving top position in SOF’s (Science Olympiad Foundation) Olympiad Exams! Academic year 2020-21 saw a widespread participation from 48,000 schools from 48 countries. The Olympiad consisted of 4 exams in which Manveer attained 3 Gold medals and a medal of distinction. Kudos for this achievement, the certificate and trophy awarded stand as testament to your competitive spirit and academic excellence.

November 2021

3D Pyramid Creative Activities

NPSI activities and programmes are designed to stimulate creative expressions. Creative activities help the students to develop their observation skills, boost self-esteem and confidence level. It helps to increase problem-solving abilities and develop physical and emotional thinking skills for their future success! To book a slot for the virtual or non-virtual campus tour, please call us at 6294 2400, ext. 203 and 205 OR register online by clicking here.

Creative Wall Mural Painting

NPSI art students recently have rolled up their sleeves and unleashed their brilliant creativity, painting a large Wall Mural sized 20ft (w) x 30ft (h) with ‘Nature & Animals’ as the theme in the Primary School Campus. It has added a whole array of colours to the learning environment for the young. It stands beside a new learning garden that would engage students in inter-disciplinary hands-on activities.

We have donated 4,000 storybooks!

At NPSI, we believe in cultivating empathy in children. Our students have donated over 4,000 storybooks to Beyond Social Services, a charity dedicated to helping children and youths from the less privileged backgrounds. These donated books will be sent to the children who are living in rented flats with minimal exposure to books. We hope by donating these books, the less privileged kids will be benefited from: - building up the vocabulary, prevents cognitive decline, strengthens the brain and cheering them up!

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World Scratch Coding Olympiad 2021
World Scratch Coding Olympiad 2021

Congratulations Shanaya Bhandari on your victory! Shanaya from Grade 3D has won the 1st place in “World Scratch Coding Olympiad 2021”. She is passionate about coding and her interest grew when she started creating short-animated stories and games! Shanaya has competed with entries from 48 local and international schools. The 25 international judges look for creative coding, realistic animations, good graphics and the music and sound used for the game and story of an Amusement Park! Shanaya was required to optimize code and algorithm with the use of advanced features. The judges were very impressed with her creativity and skills!

October 2021

Rank 13th in the world in Global Top IB Schools
Rank 13th in the world Global Top IB Schools

Congratulations to everyone at NPSI. We are successfully rank 13th in the world "Global Top IB Schools", standing out among local and global schools! Thank you management, principals, teachers and students for the remarkable efforts! It has been a wonderful IB journey we all had!

To view the Global Top IB Schools click here!

October Achievements!
October Achievements!

Warmest Congratulations to our students on their achievements in the recent competitions! Organised by Sangam Singapore, supported by the High Commission of India and World Hindi Secretariat, Mauritius.

Competing with 5 schools in Singapore, Aashna Gaikwad from IBDP Grade 11 has won 1st prize in the Debate Competition, Srishti Arora from IGCSE Grade 10 has won 2nd prize in Essay Writing and Aditi Kaul from CBSE Grade 10 has won the Best Speaker Prize award.

The local and international judges looked for understanding and mastery over Hindi Language and they were very impressed by the students' achievements!

Students' Creative Artwork Display at Bedok Library
Students' Creative Artwork Display at Bedok Library

NPS International School has collaborated with Bedok Public Library to display vibrant artworks by our students depicting various Indian festivals for Deepavali. You're cordially invited to view our students' artwork at Bedok Library, Level 3 near the entrance, till Nov 8 2021 from 10am to 9pm.

Journey with NPSI

A creative Video Animation project taken up by our student, Madhav Lodha, IB YR IC.

Chess Tournament Champion

Heartiest congratulations to L. Adhbutha Kesari from Grade 5B for winning the 1st place in the online Orissa State Chess Tournament. During the tournament, Adhbutha has played competitively in the series of chess games competing with 39 students around the world. The panel of judges looked for analytical skills, tactics, strategy, and planning skills.

At NPSI, we encourage persistence in any activity outside of academics too! Students get to learn critical-thinking and problem-solving skills - and even Mathematical abilities!

September 2021

Winners - Storytelling and Poetry Recitation

At NPSI, the students get to explore, visualize, and spark their imagination through Poetry Recitation and Storytelling. Congratulations to Anika Sharma (Grade 4C) who has won the 2nd place, Estella Monica Lijo (Grade 3C) 3rd place, Sachit Singh Goraya (Grade 4A) 3rd place and Tiara Chakroborty (Grade 5F) consolation for the Poetry Recitation & Storytelling competitions organized by Hindi Diwas & Saptah SG 2021. Competing with four schools in Singapore, the judging panels are from Fiji, Japan, India and Singapore. They were very impressed by their performance!

August 2021

Poetry Competition - Language Week

At NPSI, we believe that Poetry is a form of expression. Students get to learn self-awareness, sparks creative thinking, and improves language skills. Our students have recently participated for the Poetry writing competition for the Language Week. Students are expected to write and recite the Poem using the right pronunciation, tone and confidence!

Write for Kindness
Write for Kindness

Working hard to amplify the message of kindness, our students unleashed their creativity and graciousness in the 2021 Write for Kindness competition held by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM). Winners in the story-writing and illustration category, ‘Mellie’s Marvellous Garden' will be published and distributed by the organizers to local preschools in 2022 to inspire kindness in young children. Students who participated in the poetry-writing and illustration category had also won them ‘Best Illustration’ with a delightful piece titled ‘Paint the World with Kindness’.

NPS International Students pay tribute to 75th India Independence Day!
"Kids Care about Climate Change" International Poster Contest

Heartiest congratulations to our students who have won the Grand Prizes in the "Kids Care about Climate Change" International Poster Contest organised by Fifteen Trees and Homeward Bound. 2,629 students from 213 schools have participated across 33 countries!

Every drawing will be part of a giant banner size 7m x 5m. The giant banner will tour and be filmed in iconic forests around the world that are under threat like the diverse and unique forest of SW Australia, the giant trees of Tasmania, mangrove forests in Australia, Indonesia and Brazil, tropical rainforests of the Amazon and southeast Asia, giant sequoias and redwoods in the USA, and boreal forests in Canada! All the travel associated with this giant banner will be 100% carbon offset by planting even more trees! The students' work who had their work included in the banner will be presented to the Climate Conference in UK.

Poster Competition for Book Donation Drive
10 August, 2021

Our students have participated for the Poster Competition on 10 Aug and here are the winners Shaurya Keshari from Grade 4E and Kiyara Khanna from Grade 3C. They have unleashed their creativity by transforming the upcoming event poster into an art piece! These Posters will be used for the upcoming Language Week & Book Donation Drive event in September!

Here are more details about the upcoming Language Week & Book Donation Drive Sep event!

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds
6th Sep, Mon - 10th Sep, Fri 2021
During this event, we encourage our students to donate children's fiction and non-fiction books. These books will be donated to the local charity, distributed to the needy children who have no access to books. Students will get to participate in competitions of Bookmark Design, Handwriting & Illustrated Poem, Make a Puppet and Traditional Tale Writing.

Stay tuned.

Video Animation Project
August, 2021

An interesting Video Animation project taken up by an NPSI student. It was an amazing effort and journey by the student!