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Team Sports

NPSI focuses equally on academic and non-academic growth and excellence, and this is reflected in our success in various team sports. With over 600 students in over 130 teams, our competitive sports program is well known within the Singaporean sports circles. Our students get opportunities to travel around the world for sport and compete with students from all around the world! This passion for sports also instills in our students responsibility, dedication, and sportsmanship, shaping them into well rounded individuals who confidently face the challenges of the world.

Students are picked for the teams through Sports Development Trials conducted annually.

Sports Teams in total Tournaments
Cricket 32 teams YPL U11, U13 U15
ACIS U12 U14
ND 6's
Mariners Premier League
UK Cricket Tour
Basketball 26 teams ACSIS Basketball Tournament
CCL Basketball Tournament
KL Sports Tour
Tennis 10 teams ACSIS
KL Sports Tour
Football 19 teams ASCSIS, Volkswagen Cup, Swiss Cup,
Muhammadiyah Welfare Home Charity Tournament
KL Tour and SAFRA
Athletics 28 teams ACSIS Cross Country
ACSIS Athletics Track & Field
3rd Annual Challenger Track & Field
Singapore Athletics U-13 T&F
1st Bicentennial Kids Olympiad T&F
Badminton 17 teams ACSIS
KL Tour