Facilities we offer


Counselling services are available for the entire student body. Students are usually referred by a parent, teacher or School Principal. All parents are welcome to contact the counsellors if they have concerns about their children. On occasion, following consultation with parents, students maybe referred to outside specialists for additional support and/or testing. All consultations with the counsellor are kept completely confidential, except in life-threatening circumstances or when serious legal issues are involved.

University Counsellor

NPS International School recognizes that the university/college selection process is one that requires much time and discussion between students, parents and the Counsellor. It is with this in mind that NPSI has set up a comprehensive counselling Programme to assist students and their families.


Fully equipped air-conditioned auditorium with a capacity of over 500 is the venue for music, plays, addresses by eminent guest speakers and for major school functions.

Computer Centre-Cyber Lab

The school has state-of-the-art Pentium computers with Multimedia, large 19" screen, wi-fi Internet and other technologies. Interactive media and digital technology Programmes are offered for an enhanced technology orientation.

Audio visual room

A state-of-the-art AV room with a capacity of 75, provides a grand ambience for small group discussions with parents, students, lectures by invited speakers and for workshops.

Science Lab

There are four science labs spread over more than 2,400 sq.ft. area. These are fully equipped to meet the curriculum requirements for practicals in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Library and Media Centre

The library is the main resource centre for the students and the faculty. It has a collection of over 8000 volumes with a special reference section and a reading room of CDs, DVDs and audio books supplement the book collection. For the convenience of students, laptop computers are rentable from the Librarian for use in the Library. A Junior Library with numerous fun titles caters to the Primary School students.

A DigiLab with wi-fi connections, various digital and printed media, reference books and fictional and non-fictional reading material is also available for the IB and senior students.

ID cards are provided for all students, which double as the Library Card.

School Clinic

To facilitate swift and appropriate treatment of students and prompt notification of parents, emergency medical care is available during school hours. If a student from the Early Years' is hurt or feels ill, a teacher will accompany the child to the school clinic to be attended by the nurse.Older students may go to the clinic individually, with friends or with a member of the staff. The school clinic will phone parents with notification if their child needs to be collected. Parents will only be allowed to collect their children if they are unwell, from the front office. The School provides medical insurance for students.

Book Store

The NPSI has a Book Store which offers school supplies and other materials that the students and teachers would need. Located at the Primary School, it's open Mondays through Fridays.

Dining and Catering

A simple, vegetarian food menu is offered through a caterer, at the school campus. The accent is on health, hygiene and nutrition.


A payphone is available for students' use at located at the Secondary School canteen.

Suggestion Box

NPSI encourages feedback from its students, teachers and staff. Suggestion Boxes are located in the staff room and Secondary School canteen where feedback is periodically collected.<>/p


A renowned bus contractor runs bus services to and from the School to all parts of Singapore. Bus fees are payable directly to the bus contractor.