Student Support Services

Orientation Sessions:

At the beginning of the Academic Year, grade wise Orientation Sessions shall be held. These sessions shall cover the following:
  • Vision / Mission
  • Curriculum overview
  • Textbooks
  • Assessment Overview
  • Pedagogy Overview
  • Important events at School during the Academic Year

Fee Protection Scheme (FPS):

What is FPS?

The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students’ fees in the event that a Private Education Institute (PEI) is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. The FPS also protects students if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from judgement made against it by the Singapore courts.

EduTrust-certified PEIs are required to adopt the FPS to provide full protection for all fees paid by their students. Fees refer to all monies paid by the students to be enrolled in a PEI, excluding the course application fee, agent commission fee (if applicable), miscellaneous fees (non-compulsory and non-standard fee paid only when necessary or where applicable, for example, the re-exam fee or charges for credit card payment etc,) and GST.

PEIs can choose to adopt either the escrow scheme, insurance scheme, or a combination of both to provide fee protection for all their students.

Fee Protection under the Insurance Scheme:

Under the fee insurance scheme, PEIs will purchase insurance protection from any one of the CPE-appointed insurance companies for every one of their students to protect their fees.

Students studying in an EduTrust-certified PEI may be required to pay fees of up to a maximum of 12 months of their course to their PEI.

The CPE-appointed insurance companies are AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd (AXA) and Lonpac Insurance Bhd.

Fee Protection Scheme at NPS International School

The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) at NPS International School protects the students from the following:

  • Loss of Tuition Fees, Facility Fees, and Books and Material Fee (if applicable) paid in advance by the insured Student to NPS International School and not refunded, as a result of insolvency and/or regulatory closure
  • NPS International School fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from judgment made against it by the Singapore courts.
  • NPS International School has appointed Lonpac Insurance Bhd to be the FPS provider for our Students. A copy of the master insurance certificate can be downloaded from the School website.

The insurance coverage will be for the Tuition Fees, Facility Fee, and Books and Material Fee (if applicable). Insurance coverage is not required for the GST portion of fees billed. The compulsory Application Fee is not subject to FPS.

Certificate of Insurance:

Upon receipt of the tuition fees, Facility Fees and Materials Fee (if applicable) from the student, the school will establish the insurance cover and the insurance company will send the certificate of insurance to the parent’s email id. In addition the School will send a hard copy of the Insurance certificate via the students to the parents. Parents may contact the School for a duplicate copy if necessary.

Group Accident Insurance:

Group Medical Insurance:

All students are covered by the School’s Medical Insurance policy with AXA Insurance Company. The insurance policy shall provide Hospitalisation and Surgical coverage up to SGD 20,000 per policy year in government and restructured hospitals in Singapore.

Group Personal Accident Insurance:

All students are covered by the School’s Group Personal Accident Insurance with AXA Insurance Company (c/o Progressive (S) Pte Ltd). The insurance policy shall cover students for accidents in school and activities held by the school.

Health Centre:

The school has a well equipped Health Centre that runs from 9 am to 4.30 pm while school is in session. A full time trained and registered nurse is on duty. The nurse shall also be on duty till 5.30 pm on selected days during the week due to extra curricula activities.

Recreational Facilities:


School has 3 well stocked air conditioned libraries-Junior library for primary school (Grade 1 to 5), senior library for secondary school(grade 6 and above) and the IB Resource room(for the IB diploma)

All students have access to the junior and senior libraries from to 4:30 p.m. on all days except Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays.

Each student from primary school can borrow up to 2 books and from secondary school can borrow up to 3 books.

The library has a wide range of books under various titles like Literature, Fiction, Science, Mathematics, and reference. Text books for senior school are also issued by the library.

The Library loans books and maintains all records through the Library Management system which is a centralized database. Students can access the Library management system (accessible through the school intranet) for availability of books through the OPAC(Online Public access Catalogue) Laptops can be borrowed from the Secondary Library


The school shall have extensive sports Programmes covering a variety of sports at 3 levels:

Physical Education during School hours

Extra-curricular Programme after school hours

Specialised coaching for school teams

Physical Education during School hours shall be conducted by the School’s staff while the Extra-curricular Programme and specialized coaching shall be conducted by specialists.

The school shall encourage active participation in inter-school and community sports competitions, both for individual and for team sports.


2 playgrounds for young children and primary school children are available to the students during their recess and lunch times

Teachers are rostered to observe the students during the recesses and lunch times when they are playing at the playground

Educational Enrichment Experiences:

Outbound Trips:

  • The school recognizes the importance of students staying away from their comfort zone and experience unfamiliar environments
  • The school shall organize appropriate outbound Programmes for all students from grades 2 upwards
  • Participation in these Programmes shall be optional and not compulsory
  • These Programmes shall be organized through a outbound Programme specialists
  • Faculty from the school shall accompany these groups, in addition to the representatives of the service provider.

Sports Coaching Academy:

  • The school shall provide specialized advanced coaching in specific sports, after school hours and on Saturdays, to the school team players by enlisting the services of specialists
  • This service shall be offered at subsidized costs to the students

Community Service Initiatives:

The school recognizes the value of reaching out to the community and shall actively promote initiatives that re-inforce this belief. The Community Service shall be offered in the following ways:

  • Physical assistance: Students of the Senior School shall volunteer at hospitals, old age homes, hospices, orphanages, etc.
  • Fund raising: All students shall participate in fund raising activities and the proceeds shall go to non-profit organizations, charity initiatives and public hospitals
  • The school shall encourage students to participate in cultural and social events organized by community groups in Singapore


School Senate:

  • The School shall have a Student Council Body “Senate” consisting of a President, Vice Presidents and Office Bearers
  • The Senate shall be elected by popular ballot, every year
  • The Senate shall assist the School in the holding of various events, and serve as a liaison between the student body and the teachers community

Year Book

  • The School shall publish an annual Yearbook.
  • This Yearbook shall be steered in both Editorial and Financial aspects by a student body with leadership positions like Editor, Head of Journalism, Head of Photography, Head of Finance, etc.

Bus Marshal

  • The Primary school shall appoint student bus marshals for each school bus
  • These bus marshals shall assist the bus teachers to take attendance, report on student misbehavior in the buses

Help Squad

  • The school shall appoint help squads for each class
  • The selected student shall assist the teachers in ensuring students line up properly, to check the students’ attire, making sure that the class moves in a disciplined manner from location to location

National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA)

  • The school shall be appointed as an Award Operating Authority by the NYAA Council to conduct the NYAA Programme
  • The school shall be embarking on this award to develop more leaders among the school cohort

Participation in competitions

  • The School shall encourage its students to participate in all inter school competitions as may be announced.

Events at School:

In order to promote holistic development and team working, the school shall conduct a variety of events, not limited to:

  • Annual Productions (Musical/theatre)
  • Science and Mathematics Exhibition
  • Student Led Conferences
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • Inter house cultural
  • Assemblies

Canteen and vending machine

  • The School shall provide food and drinks through a third party caterer, in the school premises at subsidized rates. The food menu shall take into account appropriateness and nutrition. The School shall have a vending machine to dispense /sell cold drinks for the use of teachers and students.
  • Aerated soft drinks shall not be sold in the canteen or via the vending machine.

Wireless and internet connection

  • The School shall have wired or wireless internet connectivity in all the important areas – viz – classrooms, Library, cyber lab etc.
  • The School shall have computers for use by the students in the Cyber-Labs and in the Library

Health promotion Programme:

  • The school shall provide opportunities for students to engage in wellness activities like yoga, aerobics and sports through the ECA Programme
  • The school shall not sell aerated drinks in the school premises, except on public event days
  • The school canteen shall serve healthy vegetarian food
  • Primary school students shall be required to wear sports hats while doing outdoor play

Academic assistance:

  • The school shall conduct extra classes in various subjects for the students in grades 10-12 to help them in the preparation of Board exams, at school’s cost
  • Students joining the school from non-English environments shall be assisted in the transition to English as the medium of instruction with appropriate ESL resources.

Pre-course advice

  • Prospective students and parents shall be advised on the course and curricular options offered by the School, prior to admission.
  • Students and parents shall be oriented to the curriculum change when the student moves from Grade V to Grade VI. This orientation session shall describe the change from Primary to Secondary, expectations at the Secondary level, unit tests and examinations
  • At entry into Grades IX and XI, students and parents shall be oriented to the curricular options to pursue, via student/parent orientations. These orientation sessions shall describe the course/curricular options, the advantages, disadvantages and factors to consider before choice of course / curriculum

International Students on Student Pass:


  • The School shall assist the student in applying for student pass issued by the ICA and for renewals.
  • The services shall include advise on procedure and documentation required and other rules, regulations and procedures governing Student Pass


All students shall be provided with a Student Diary which is used for:

  • Recording work done in school and homework
  • The daily timetable
  • Any communication between the parents and teachers.


  • Students from Grade 3 upwards shall be provided with individual lockers for storing books and other material, in order for them to carry only the necessary books back home and forth.

Cyber Safety:

  • The School’s cyber safety policy shall be circulated to all students
  • The students and parents shall sign an undertaking to comply with the policy


  • Guardians shall be treated by the School as parents and all communication/intimations that are sent to parents shall be sent to the Guardians as well

College Counselling

  • The School operates a College Counselling department in order to support and guide students towards higher education and careers. The School supports alumni who are involved in National Service to complete their applications on time.

Learning Support

  • The school provides learning support for its students who are under-performing academically

Counselling services

  • The school provides in-house guidance counselling services for its students. When students need long-term intervention, the school shall tie up with an external counselling agency to provide such services to the students.

ID Cards

  • Students from Grades 1 to 12 shall be provided with ID Cards. ID card loss shall be charged a 10 dollar penalty for replacements.

Bus Concessionary Pass

  • Singaporean Secondary school students are eligible for bus concessionary travel. The school shall update the Transitlink portal for new or ex Singaporean students.

Edusave Pupil Fund

  • Singaporean students in International Schools are eligible for the Edusave Pupil Fund and the school offers necessary assistance for enrolment.

Mobile Phone Locker

  • The school does not allow mobile phones to be used during lesson time. A central depository locker is placed in the school for students to turn in their mobile phones at the start of the school day.

Coin Phone

  • The school provides a coin phone situated at the canteen.

Bus Transport

  • The school’s chosen bus vendor shall provide bus transport for all its students with the exception of those who choose not to take up the service. Students who opt for Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) shall also have bus transport to send them home.

Student Exchange programmes

  • The School organizes from time to time, visits with overseas schools, both to and from in order to build cultural understanding. The cost of the trips are to be borne by the students.